Life Isn't About Finding Yourself, It's About Creating Yourself!

Friday 27 November 2009

Card Samples From My Open-House Event.

3 samples from a selection of the cards I made and sold at my open-house event. Hope you like them! xx (More pictures to follow soon!)

Looking Forward.

I am looking forward to seeing what tomorrows Penny Black Saturday Challenge is going to be. Perhaps this time I will have a go!

Thursday 26 November 2009


Had my open-house today, and I'm pleased to say it went rather well! I needn't have been so worried as everyone who came commented on how beautiful my cards are. I'm chuffed, and after raising £75 have now got the confidence to do this again!

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Time Out To Relax!

Took time out last night to go and see New Moon. It was absolutely fantastic!! Would recommend it to anyone. Now though back to reality and to getting on with organising everything for my open-house! xx

Monday 23 November 2009


Welcome to my blog! I'm rather new to all of this, and not really very computer literate, so please be patient while I get this up and running. (It may take me some time!!)
For a few weeks now I've been following the Penny Black Saturday Challenge Blog. Haven't yet had the confidence to enter it, although now I've got this blog I may just get round to having a go at it one day soon!
I love crafting (and photography). Although I can't remember how long I've been doing it for, possibly about six years now. So, after all this time, and people telling me I should've done it years ago, I've finally decided to bite the bullet and am holding an open house this week to try and sell some of my goods. Wish me luck, and I'll let you know how it goes! xxx
Hope you like the pictured card - just one example of many!